video // Courtney + Adam Wedding: Tacoma, WA

Courtney and Adam were married at Urban Grace Church in Tacoma on a clear, bright, lovely day in spring. The second-to-last day of March, actually—one that went out gentle as a lamb, just as the idiom says. The wedding however, went out with a bang and a joyfully raucous reception—the type of wedding celebration that packs a dance floor to the gills, where little kids breakdance and people linger and nobody passes up the wedding cupcakes, where you don’t go home until you’ve broken a sweat, laughed long and hard, and hugged a lot of people. Maybe ones you don’t know. Those seem to be the kind of people Courtney and Adam are. They pull you in. They create community wherever they go, in Tacoma or wherever life will lead them. Here’s to Courtney and Adam’s beautiful wedding, and the incredible adventure they just launched.