Peter’s background was in film and philosophy. Sarah’s was English lit. It took a circuitous route through dot-com marketing stunts, small-town journalism, graphic design, dive bar keeping, Hollywood gophering and more before the pair settled upon a home-based empire and a life as passionate filmmakers.


2364_63607054458_2715_n So, after the baby in the baby carriage, the Berkleys founded their boutique mom-and-pop creative firm The Art Dept. in 2006 and have seldom looked back. (If they do, it’s only to ponder why Sarah wore pants that looked like Fruit Stripe gum or to favorably remark upon their trademark Human League karaoke duets.)

Whether it’s business or baby rearing, they attempt to do everything with love, honesty and art, especially as filmmakers. The Heart Dept. is an expression of their penchant for storytelling, happy endings and cake.