wedding film // Bryan + Joseph

The Heart Dept. loves nothing more than telling really magical love stories. And Bryan and Joseph had a particularly beautiful and tender one to tell. We knew when we met them over cocktails at the Rainier Room that they just adore each other and were going to put all of their hearts, tears, awesomeness, style and joy into a poignant ceremony to mark the transition from being lovers to spouses. (Not that you ever stop being lovers, if you do it right!) And it was truly a perfect ceremony.

Sure enough, it was a day of celebration—from the gifts to the perfect kisses on the balcony to the exuberant drag performer to the toasts and dance floor full of revelers late into the evening.

Here’s to Bryan and Joseph and making magic together for the rest of their lives. May you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed capturing!

video // Get Hitched, Give Hope Auction & Gala: Seattle, WA

The Heart Dept. loved capturing the magic and generosity swirling in the air during the 2013 “Get Hitched, Give Hope” — an opulent gala and fundraising auction held last fall at The Four Seasons and one that bore witness to a staggering number of wedding vendors and industry artisans donating their services to an incredible cause. Dressed to the hilt in ravishing roaring twenties attire, betrothed couples floated through an evening bubbling with champagne, cafe music and deliciousness, bidding on all manner of goods and services—with all proceeds from the evening directed entirely to The Dream Foundation—a charity that fulfills end-of-life wishes for patients with terminal illness.

On top of this wonderful inside-and-out package, what we also adored was that (based on the kind referral from inveterate cinematograph wonder that is Mitch Mattraw of Cabfare Productions) Get Hitched Give Hope wanted to work with us—despite the fact that we’d never met the organizers before that evening! First, that says a lot about the faith and esteem they hold him in, and it speaks to the genuinely kind and supportive person he is. Second, the “GHGH” crew was incredibly gracious to include us in their gorgeous and gilded event and to trust us to do their elegant night justice. As our little business continues to grow and stretch its legs (all the while tending to the little legs running up and down our creaky wooden staircase) — it’s nice to know there are people in the industry who believe in our potential and like what we do!


video // Amy + Matt wedding: Seattle, WA

The Heart Dept. had the distinct pleasure of capturing the nuptials of a bewitchingly beautiful couple, Amy Berkley and Matt Buechler. That’s a lot of b’s for a Tuesday morning but we alliterate when we’re excited. (To these b’s we should add brainy. Because they’re our two favorite immunologists. Germs, beware!) Matt and Amy obviously have a very devoted and effusive fan base of family and friends who adore them and would probably go to the ends of the earth for them — or, at the very least, go lawn bowling in the rain and build Rainier beer towers in their honor. The wedding ceremony and reception unfolded in the warm, inviting hall of Fremont Abbey, with Amy in some of the loveliest lace we’ve ever seen and Matt as polished and put together as a groom can be. We believe Seattle loves them so very much, it put on its best drizzle and feted them as only Seattle can — in the grey tableau of non-stop, relentless precipitation. Amy’s poor wedding dress took a soggy beating that day, but she glided radiantly through all rain like a champ, attended by her pageant of brightly-shoed bridesmaids and pop-art umbrellas. Every detail of this wedding was lush, bright, intentional and intimate — from bold pops of color in the groom’s shoelaces to Amy’s favorite red velvet cake to the sweet gesture of Matt and Amy pouring pitchers of beers for their guests. We savored every minute and tried to capture some of the eye candy via this wedding video. Disclaimer: they had a really cute flower girl you might recognize.


video // Northwest Vintage Wedding Fair: Seattle, WA

I’m never one to resist getting tantalizing close-ups of tulle and shortcake. So earlier this spring I delighted in filming a little slice of the glittered, glammy spectacle that is the Northwest Vintage Wedding Fair. Let’s just say that there was enough vintage elegance and eye candy and antiquated treasures and sweetly scripted invitations and feathery fascinators and Broaches (with a capital B) to put an F. Scott Fitzgerald garden party to shame. I would tell you there was vintage chocolate, but thank goodness there wasn’t—just freshly made, oh so au currant confections and yes, floaty voluminous shortcake that absconded with my heart. Organizers Laurie Kearney of Ghost Gallery and Rosemary Wagner of Rosemary Wagner Photography have nurtured an atmosphere of homemade intimacy and approachability missing from the sterile, sweeping expanses of large-scale wedding expos. It seems like the perfect place for couples to find meaningful, extraordinary vintage items and services offered by vendors who truly care about their craft. As Rose aptly put it, it makes me want to get married again. This time in a gorgeous little felt cloche. Daintily nibbling my fairytale shortcake while pummeling our custom heart-shaped pinata. Can’t wait for next year’s vintage wedding fair!



video // Megan Clouse: Sonoma, CA

Earlier this summer—while visiting our beloved old stomping grounds in Sonoma Valley—we delighted in attending a gorgeous shoot of one of our favorite Sonoma photographers, Megan Clouse. Deep in the dappled and dreamy corners of Annadel Estate Winery, we went behind the scenes to capture Megan “in action” as she exquisitely and artistically shot the sparks between two local Sonoma lovebirds, Susan and Chris. Not only were Megan’s subjects charismatic, but we got to document how charming and lovely the artist herself is! Since then, Megan has added the video to her site as a short and sweet self-promo piece. It’s a thrill to get to work with such amazing talent!!



video // Courtney + Adam Wedding: Tacoma, WA

Courtney and Adam were married at Urban Grace Church in Tacoma on a clear, bright, lovely day in spring. The second-to-last day of March, actually—one that went out gentle as a lamb, just as the idiom says. The wedding however, went out with a bang and a joyfully raucous reception—the type of wedding celebration that packs a dance floor to the gills, where little kids breakdance and people linger and nobody passes up the wedding cupcakes, where you don’t go home until you’ve broken a sweat, laughed long and hard, and hugged a lot of people. Maybe ones you don’t know. Those seem to be the kind of people Courtney and Adam are. They pull you in. They create community wherever they go, in Tacoma or wherever life will lead them. Here’s to Courtney and Adam’s beautiful wedding, and the incredible adventure they just launched.


photo preview // Courtney + Adam Wedding: Tacoma, WA

We had the privilege of being part of an amazing couple’s nuptials recently, Adam Ydstie and Courtney Beardsley-Schoonmaker. As I’ve been sifting through their wedding footage, I’ve been positively giddy with all the incredible moments I’m encountering. Incredible because Adam and Courtney are a dashing and charismatic couple, but even more so because they simply radiate love—not only to each other but everyone around them. Likewise, they’re just so LOVED by so many people. Tons of people. Heaps of people. A big, lively crowd packed Urban Grace for their wedding a few Saturdays ago. Clapping, crying, celebrating and dancing on their behalf. Smiling on their behalf. I can find nary a staged smile here. Every one is wide and genuine and thrilled to be a part of their moment. We were too! We also had the sincere pleasure of working with local photography luminaries Kim and Adam Bamberg of La Vie Photography. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous wedding shots these two undoubtedly captured.

At any rate, I couldn’t help but pull a few screen grabs from our wedding footage to share here. I’m definitely looking forward to finishing and posting their film in the coming weeks.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.00.02 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.01.43 AMScreen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.03.14 AM
Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.13.46 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.11.51 AM
Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.12.43 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.17.25 AM





All in the Family


Our 7-year-old daughter is often inspired by the creative work we do. As a creative thinker and budding artist, she loves to submit her own concept sketches for projects we’re working on.  When she saw us working on the logo for The Heart Dept. she couldn’t resist providing some of her own concept art—which we’re showing here for your enjoyment!



A few years ago in the golden vale of Sonoma Valley, two of our dearest friends Ryan and Rachel were married. It was an utterly enchanting small garden wedding—simple and lovely, set in the backyard of the groom’s parents’ house, everything festooned in necklaces of twinkly lights and clusters of fresh pink flowers, and Annie the yellow lab there to greet everyone as they arrived. The weather was perfect, as weather in Sonoma almost always is. The air tasted sweet. The light was ethereal. Rachel was ethereal in her gown.

We filmed the event that night partly as a gift and partly because we just wanted to, but some subtle epiphany happened months later as we sifted through the footage and sniffled over the vows (we were pregnant and hormonal, but sheesh if they weren’t great vows) and nipped and tucked and edited to the honeyed crest of Kevin Sur’s voice and Ryan’s dreamy surf-country guitar. A seed was planted. An idea. We loved capturing Ryan and Rachel’s wedding so much, not simply because we adore them or because everything was eye candy that night. It was the satisfaction of telling a really beautiful, genuine story about two people. An impressionistic rendering of something that would be cherished for a long time to come. You know, we thought, we’d like to do this more. A lot more.

We didn’t have two cameras that night, or the right lens for the shadows of a garden at night. There are some shaky parts. Some graininess. But it’s still one of our favorite things we’ve ever filmed. And one we were so blessed to be a part of.

At any rate, it took us awhile to get our act together, what with a cross-state move, a new baby, a fiercely imaginative seven-year-old and some professional detours. But two years later, The Heart Dept. was born. It’s been a long time coming. We hope you’ll come along for the ride and enjoy it as much as we already do.

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 11.40.35 PM

video // Ryan + Rachel Wedding : Sonoma, CA

On a breezy day in June not so long ago, in that golden vale called Sonoma, two lovely people got hitched in an enchanting backyard wedding ceremony. Here is a small tribute to them—be sure to check out the photos, too.Here’s to a long, happy marriage as perfect as their wedding!

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