What makes something truly beautiful? Many cinematographers—even the seasoned ones—have already distilled your day down to a specific formula before it’s ever happened. They know what shots they need to get and pre-determined blanks they need to fill. In the end, their wedding films are smooth, sterile, perfect and methodical, plodding along without very little differentiation from one couple to the next. You end up with a lovely, high-gloss postcard of a wedding you don’t quite feel like you attended. We do things differently. We want movement, meaning and exquisitely rendered human moments. Still shots are for the wedding photographers. We want our films to breathe. We want butterflies and chills. We believe in serendipity. Sometimes grain and motion blur and backlighting are our friends. Sometimes the best moments have nothing at all to do with the cake slicing or the speeches. These in-between moments can be more special than any staged photo or bouquet toss. And while we always will make your day look absolutely stunning, we’re also looking for real life—for a film that will bring back the butterflies.

We tread lightly and unobtrusively on your day, because we don’t want to alter the intimacy of your moments. Each project is accordingly undertaken with delight, humility, sensitivity and gravity. We also understand that successful wedding day logistics demand considerable teamwork behind the scenes; we’re here to work in deference to your needs and those of your event planner, photographer and vendors. We celebrate and support marriage equality, bypassing the labels of gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to simply celebrate you as a couple in love—one ready to share the rest of your lives together. We take extra time to understand the connection you have, because knowing your unique backstory, your style and all the sweet intangibles that make your relationship ‘tick’ provides us the perfect window through which to film your day. It’s how we make a film of substance and real—not contrived—sentiment, one that accurately reflects who you are. We love telling stories, and we’re good at it. With years of professional and award-winning filmmaking under our belts, Peter’s artistic craftsmanship and Sarah’s journalistic knack for framing a narrative, we create films that are radiant, personal and exquisitely crafted. Oh yeah, and super fun.